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Seller Tips

  1. We show your vehicle for you! Send Buyers our way! If you are advertising your vehicle on another website, make sure to refer people to the Park and Sell Event over the weekend so you don’t have to meet them on your own time. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Price it to sell! Buyers today have apps and websites that let them check car prices and values at their fingertips.

    • Overpriced vehicles typically do not receive interest or offers.

    • Pricing based on feelings or loan payoffs takes longer to sell.

    • Don’t price based on other people’s ads, those are asking prices not selling prices.

    • We recommend consulting valuation websites like Kelley Blue Book or for more information on pricing your vehicle.

  3. Be Negotiable! Buyers may not make an offer if they see “firm” pricing, most will expect to negotiate a little.  Similarly, avoid “obo”, this encourages low-ballers and could waste your time.

  4. Bring it Clean! Nobody wants to see your old used coffee cups.

  5. Top off the fluid! Low or dirty fluids are signs that the vehicle is not being properly maintained. Make sure you have enough gas for a test drive.

  6. Show it the whole weekend! Don’t miss a potential buyer by getting here late or leaving early. Vehicles start selling right away.

  7. Sunday test drives! Save extra trips by setting up test drives for pick up time Sunday with less urgent buyers.

  8. Accurate Contact Info! Make sure your correct phone number is on BOTH the Vehicle Detail page inside the vehicle and the perforated tear off page.

  9. Accurate Model Info! Buyers will look up your vehicle and without the proper model and features the valuation websites will turn out a wide range of values.

  10. Keep it short and positive! Avoid listing repairs as buyers may be cautious of the next bill they may face. Use keywords like “original owner” or “no accidents”.

  11. Minimize window postings! Take down the ugly orange for sale signs. Only post the vehicle detail report we give you and the perforated tear off page outside.

  12. Remove Stickers! Take out all gadgets, personalization’s, stickers, etc. so the vehicle looks as clean as possible.

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