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How The Event Works



  • Sunday 6-8am – Vehicle Drop off

  • Check in after 8am is okay, we encourage early arrival to maximize your exposure.

  • Less than 10 minutes to check in

  • Window signs and supplies will be provided for you.

  • A Park and Sell attendant will guide you to a parking spot.



  • Tape your window signs to your passenger window.

  • Lock and leave your vehicle displayed at the Park and Sell Event until 4pm Sunday (6pm pick-up tow deadline).

  • Enjoy your weekend! Sellers don’t need to stay on-site.

  • Optional: If you chose to leave your keys with us, we will accompany buyers to your vehicle to open, view, and start it. Buyers never handle your keys, only a Park and Sell attendant. Your vehicle is never left unattended while open.


  1. Stay close to your phone as buyers may be calling for more info, to arrange a test drive, or to make an offer!

  2.  Pick up time is 4pm-6pm Sunday. Tow deadline is 6pm Sunday.


A. No test drives on event grounds. You are not allowed to conduct test drives at the event. You may leave for a test drive and then return to re-park your vehicle. Please see attendant when you return.


B. You may pick up your vehicle ANYTIME during EVENT HOURS, enter and exit unlimited times.

C. Park and sell does not in any way get involved in the transaction between you and the buyer. We are an advertising company and charge a flat fee for sellers to advertise their vehicle at an event. We are not a dealer, broker, etc. All transactions are for sale by owner.




  • Sunday 8am-4pm

  • Free admission to view vehicles inside and out.

  • No salespeople.

  • No commissions.

  • No dealer involved.

  • No Sellers hovering over you.

  • No fee or cost to buyers, just walk in!

  • Details about the vehicle, pricing, and owner contact # will be posted on the window of every vehicle.



If you see a vehicle you like, note the 4-digit vehicle ID # on the window, flag down a Park and Sell Event attendant or come to the registration booth. For your safety and vehicle security, an attendant will accompany you to the vehicle, open it for you to look inside, and start it up.



To make an offer or to test drive the vehicle, call the owner directly at the phone # listed on the detail sheet on the window of every vehicle.


You buy your next car!

Thanks Park and Sell!

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