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  • What do I need to bring to the Park and Sell Event when I check in my vehicle?
    If you are pre-registered, just your confirmation number. If you are registering in person you'll need: VIN# License Plate # Mileage/hours for boats
  • What are your hours?
    See Locations and Hours under "more" in the main menu.
  • When does pre-registration and the $20 discount end?
    Friday night at 11:59pm the evening before each event.
  • What if my vehicle is still financed, can I still sell it at the Park and Sell Event?
    Yes, many vehicles sell with loans on them. We recommend contacting your lender for specific information regarding your vehicle.
  • Can I let someone else drop-off my vehicle?
    Anyone can drop off a vehicle.
  • Can I let someone else pick-up my vehicle?
    Yes, ID’s are checked for vehicle pick-up. When registering simply add their name to the authorized persons for pick-up section.
  • Can I reserve a specific parking space?
    No. Where you are parked won’t matter much, buyers serious enough to come to the event are going to look everywhere on the lot for the vehicle that meets their needs. RV’s, large trucks, boats, and other oversized vehicles will be provided a specific location. All customers must adhere to our parking policy as outlined in our terms and conditions.
  • Do you have an inventory online of vehicles for this weekend?
    No. Since sellers are constantly checking in and selling vehicles throughout the weekend, our database does not allow for this. Vehicles are continuously selling, and sellers aren’t obligated to tell us they sold so it’s impossible for us to keep an accurate real-time database and we don’t want buyers traveling to the event for a specific vehicle that may or may not be available anymore.
  • Can I call this weekend and speak with someone about the specific inventory?
    Unfortunately, we cannot take calls about inventory as our database does not allow for real-time accuracy as to the vehicles remaining on the lot. Used vehicles usually need to be seen before purchased, you might as well come down and see what we’ve got.
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