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About Park and Sell

The Full Story

I’m Andrew Leonardo, born and raised in Tulare here in the Central Valley. A couple of years ago my wife and I were shopping for an RV, we had a newborn at the time. We found a couple of listings online and arranged 2 appointments on a Saturday to view the RV’s in the Santa Clarita area.  We set off that day hopeful that we might have found the one, however, we returned 9 hours later exhausted asking ourselves, “how did we just waste the whole day?”. It was at that time I knew there had to be a better way. I started thinking of ways to bring buyers and sellers together and the idea for the Park and Sell event was born!

While researching and planning the business I came across several other types of events like auto swap meets, car corrals, etc. but nothing that really had the type of energy and atmosphere I was looking for. The goal was a large inventory of pre-owned private party vehicles in one location and massive amount of interested buyers coming together to create a superb, efficient, easy selling experience.  I finally found an event that I thought could offer what I was looking for and took my RV. It sold in the first 30 minutes of being parked!! It was then that I knew I was on to something and that there is a big demand for this easy process of buying and selling. I was so excited; I took what I learned and launched not one but 3 Park and Sell Events!

We hope you enjoy the Park and Sell Event near you and please tell your family and friends!

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